tenantspin ‘had to be there’

“You had to be there” is the common phrase used when you try to relay an experience or event that already took place. Did you have to be there? is the underlying question around this one day symposium.

To coincide with RE: [Video Positive] and the launch of FACT’s new online archive, FACT in collaboration with Liverpool John Moores University presents Had to be There? This one-day symposium will bring together leading thinkers from around the globe to delve into and discuss how histories are made through archiving time-based media.

tenantspin has been building its own video archive for years, collecting each and every single broadcast and making them available online. As the Internet landscape changes, and we move from live streaming to the timeshift ‘YouTube’ model, tenantspin has faced some archivnig challenges of its own. We’ll be at the Symposium to discuss and share our experiences.

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