Park Road Market.

Park Road Market

tenantspin have recently been meeting with Jean Grant from Pool Projects to discuss and document the changes planned for the Mecca Bingo site on Park Road, Dingle. Quite a few of the tenants are residents of the Park Road area (including myself!) and reguarly use the market which takes place on Tuesday mornings on a tarmaced site next to the old Mecca Bingo building.

The proposed plans will incorporate the entire site and swallow up the old Mecca Bingo building, social services building, Post Office and the site currently used by the market.

tenantspin participant Steve Moss started filming a bit of documentary about the market on the Tuesday before Christmas and plans to continue in the new year interviewing traders from the market and shops along Park Road itself as well as local residents, representitives from the council and Tesco.

We are hoping to have a screening of the film in an event held in Toxteth Town Hall, High Park Street, in February 2008. There will be an opportunity to find out more about the plans, share you views with other residents and representitives from Friends of the Earth and Liverpool University and watch our film about the market and trading in the the Park Road area.

Watch this space for more information regarding this project!

Click here for more information about Toxteth Town Hall and Pool Projects

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  1. My cousin in Canada sent this website to me. It is absolutely wonderful. I was born in the Dingle (Beresford Rd) in 1935. Have been in the US since 1953. Liverpool is still home to me, even if we moved to Wallasey during th war. Keep up the good work, it’s smashing.

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