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Spaced Out

Patrick and I spent 27th March in Space gallery in Hackney, East London for their symposium On the Margins of Technology a day of ‘presentations and debate about realising the impacts of technology expanding and diversifying participation in art and society.’

We responded to a number of projects including Geezer Power a project which is run by Lorraine Leeson and the ‘Geezers’ some of whom included Dennis Banks, John Bevan, John Day, Ray Gipson and Ted Lewis. The project is based around accessing the Geezers collective experience and expertise of ways in which you can generate energy from already available resources. What they came up with was a turbine fixed to the Thames barrier which they hoped could either generate enough electricty for street lighting for their community.

Although the project was different to ours in the sense that it focusses on scientific subject matters rather than those of a creative or technological ilk we felt that their ethos really matched ours and we were inspired to start thinking about accessing the wonders of people over 55′s knowledge and expericence of life and how this should be tapped into when looking at the future of the planet for all of us.

We also responded to Mukul Patel and Fiona Fieber talking about User Manuals and ‘explaining technology’ which focusses on the relationship between the explaination of a product/entity and the usage of that in everyday life.

We really enjoyed our stay in London and met some inspirational and complex people and projects and are grateful to Space for inviting us down. For more information about Space gallery, Hackney please click here.

We Want You………

on the 26th of March, in the Box at FACT between 2pm – 3pm, tenantspin will host the first in a series of Cultural Commentaries.  We will be looking back over the first few months of this momentous year for Liverpool.  The live discussion is open to the public and all are welcome.  But first, we want your opinions….

What cultural events have you attended this year?

What do you think the highlights have been?

What about Ringo?

Do you think this year will have a positive effect on how Liverpool is perceived?

What are you looking for from a year of Culture?

Please add your comments.  This is your year, so speak up!

Eastern Promises

On the 5th of March, tenantspin and E-Space Lab connected with Shanghai and Hong Kong for a conversation about Christmas.   A conversation about Christmas in March may seen a little strange but tenantspin had been working on a series of films about how the festive period is celebrated here in the UK, while groups in China collated footage of  their New Year celebrations.  Both groups discussed the differences and more importantly, the amount of shared customs.  The discussion will be available very soon, and thanks to Phil Courtenay and Peter Hagerty from E-Space Lab and our friends in China.

Titanium Tenants

tenantspin welcomed onto the couch Dr. John Hunt from UK BioTech Liverpool University, Anthony Mark Cutter, Senior Lecturer and Director of LLM, Medical Law and Bio Ethics, and Sharon Waldron from Transform Medical Group to discuss advances in medical technology, the effects on the body and the ethical implications of such works. This discussion was filmed as part of FACT’s Human Future’s Programme.