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on the 26th of March, in the Box at FACT between 2pm – 3pm, tenantspin will host the first in a series of Cultural Commentaries.  We will be looking back over the first few months of this momentous year for Liverpool.  The live discussion is open to the public and all are welcome.  But first, we want your opinions….

What cultural events have you attended this year?

What do you think the highlights have been?

What about Ringo?

Do you think this year will have a positive effect on how Liverpool is perceived?

What are you looking for from a year of Culture?

Please add your comments.  This is your year, so speak up!

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  1. I’ve attended 10 live cultural events so far this year, mainly musical events. This is a much higher number than I would normally and certainly the Captital of Culture has encouraged me to do this.

    So far the best events have been at the Phil. Liverpool the Musical was good but the Number One Project, also at the new arena, was much more reflective of the city’s music.

    One event I attended last week was ‘The Long Walk’ a musical representation of the Morcambe Bay cocklepicking disaster. I found this quite moving. Stuff like this needs a wider marketing effort I feel.

    The perceptions of Liverpool will definitely improve for the better, particularly when the more popular stuff happens like Klimt and the Paul Mcartney concert in the summer. Also the Tall Ships Race and the Clipper homecoming are events which should attract lots of visitors during the summer.

    The new arena itself is attracting lots of national news coverage and this in itself generates a more positive image of the city. How we have done without this facility for so long is a mystery to me!!

    What I am looking for most out of C of C is a change in confidence both within the city and from outsiders who would want to work or invest in Liverpool. On this score so far so good but I would be interested in the statistics at the end on 2008.

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