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Dresden 15th – 19th tenantspin visit Dresden

Wednesday 16th April

Arrival in Dresden about 8.00pm very warm welcome at the hotel. Met in youth club ready for for broadcast at 2pm, which went very well. We had and interpreter by the name of ‘Emily’ which was a good help as we did not know any German.

Thursday 17th April

We went to Dresden today and it was a mixture of old and new buildings, one church had been rebuilt after the 2nd World War and was beautiful inside. We also saw other buildings which included a palace and then we returned to see the hosts presenting a film being made with green screen technology. Then we had lunch before a panel of people who were having an AGM discussion (pity it was in German)

Friday 18th April

Another trip to Dresden before returning to the community centre for another discussion. Friday night we went by invite to a preview of films by artists (animations) which were very good. We returned to the hotel early hours of the morning.


Saturday 19th April.

Breakfast at 8.30 taxi at 10.00am to take us to Dresden to catch the train to Berlin, lots of football fans and more food before climbing the 3 flights of stairs to catch the train to the airport – thus ending our three day trip to visit idee01239 in Prolis at the conference for Place Based Art. To watch the stream here

Blog written by Mavis Thomas.


tenantspin have just returned from The International Community Arts Festival (ICAF) in lovely Rotterdam. tenantspin interviewed participants and delegates attending the festival and asked the question “What does quality in Community Arts mean”. We also hosted a live discussion in a local retirement village, where we discussed the similarities and differences between Liverpool and Rotterdam.

We had a great time. Please watch this 20 minute compilation of our time at the Festival.

Space Insurgents

Another film from 2006, shot on a shoestring budget, the film is a homage to 50′s B Movies.

Reservoir Pixies

We are uploading more past projects for your viewing pleasure. This is a short animation narrated by John McGuirk, written by Mark Duckworth and animated by Mark Hobson back in early 2007.

Final Hand

Final Hand is a short film written and directed by the late Mark Hobson in 2006. The film follows a man being haunted by a deceased gambler and tackles the issue of depression. The film is beautifully shot and features some stunning footage of Sefton Park shot early in the morning.