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tenantspinontour….this is only the beginning

So, we are nearing the end of our touring period at Tate Liverpool and what have we learned? Well, plastic cats, are a hit with the public. Also, I have realised that its not always about volume of visitors but quality of experience and long over-due transparency of art practices. Granted, figures such as those gleaned by mogulus (an extraordinary amount) do help to give the project credence but from the grass-roots level, this TV studio provided the 5th floor with a valuable debating platform, a space for the contemplation of everything from the white cube to washing powder and more importantly a focus for our group of dedicated volunteers which ultimately gave a place to learn skills, voice opinions, exhibit their own work (such as Kenny’s amazing gallery tour on the last day of broadcast) and lastly, have some fun with like-minded people in a surreal environment not always condusive to ‘speech’ but ‘thought’ without reaction being Liverpool’s version of the white-cube.

This move away from their traditional (and demanded in some circles) process of exhibition, display and eventual evaluation marks an important shift for Tate Liverpool who, although engaging in pioneering art education from the onset have never invited community arts projects such as ours to visit ‘in residence before’

Our broadcasts are available via ‘on demand’.

Our thanks to Kenn Taylor, Tracey Dunn, Jen Welch, Jonathan Turton, Dolly Lloyd, Kath Healy, Kenny Thomas, David Hynes, Lesley Reith, Steve Mccabe, Steve Moss, Jay Jones, Trine Hughes, Jack Stopforth, Jean Grant, Pool Projects, Chamber of Commerse, Liverpool Film Office, Michael Kelly, Liverpool Lighthouse, Voices on the Edge, Steve Atherton, Merseycare, Rich (another media), and everybody else who has helped.

Here are some pictures from our fantastic time on tour: