Anfield/Breckfield partnerships…North Liverpool and other stories

tenantspin has been working with communities based in the north of the city for the best part of 2009 developing some new networks, friendships, debates, screenings and training with residents which hopefully starts a long-process of collaboration in North Liverpool.
Geographically speaking, Anfield/Breckfield lies slightly inland from Everton and encompasses post codes L4, L5 + L6 and has a history dating back to the 18th century when the area was fields, streams, farms and quickly becoming a desirable domestic location for merchants growing rich from trade in the busy port of Liverpool.

Residents from the area have been collaborating with us on creating a series of creative programmes for North Liverpool which will hopefully add to all the work currently taking place led by organisations such as Anfield, Breckside neighbourhood Council, Breckfield and North Everton Community Council, The Lighthouse and Liverpool Biennial. The work includes a film programme for North Liverpool, the North Liverpool Cinema Circle, which will work to create some interesting and diverse screenings in the neighbourhood which kicked off with a screening and Q + A from producer Roy Boutler of the seminal Terence Davis Liverpool eulogy Of Time in the City.

Our next screening will be of the 1988 Chris Bernard classic Letter to Breshnev on December 2nd at 2pm, venue to be confirmed.

Our training group have been working on developing the plot and narrative for a film about the area looking at regeneration across the 200 year history, the people, places and urban myths that shape neighbourhoods over their development and what the future holds for communities in change. For more information or to contribute your knowledge, experiences or historical information drop us a line and we’ll be happy to pass this onto the group. Watch this space for details of screenings, sneak peaks and interviews with the filmmakers.

Meanwhile, on Breck Road Ruth and the wonderful staff from Abcc have been working with ourselves, local residents (groups around this part of the district include Cobra led by Ian Watt and Lawdon led by Fred Crebbin) and charities like Genie in the Gutter and The Parkview Project to lead debates and open discussions looking at issues effecting nieghbourhoods across Liverpool. The most recent focussed on substance misuse and the need for a combined approach at tackling the community-based issues brought about by herion and crack epidemics within districts. The debate was chaired by Liam Foggerty and representitives from Genie and Parkview. Look out for more events in the North Liverpool debates series in the new year, as ever if anyone has a topic they feel would benefit from open discussion please do forward onto us.

Growing projects have been under discussion with residents from St David’s Road and Cobra generally. Cobra lies within the buffer zone which basically means that there will be neither demolition or refurbishment of the current housing stock. As a result residents are keen to start Cairn Street L8 interventions which will hopefully include trees, evergreen plants and crops for winter and then into spring with a whole host of new growing projects for Abcc, Cobra and Bala Street.

To keep abreast of North Liverpool projects visit our facebook group either at tenantspin, or North Liverpool Culture follow us on twitter or have a look at our images and films on flickr

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