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‘Another Chat’- Tenantspin produces short film

One of the chief aims of tenantspin as an organisation is to provide individuals from Liverpool’s more peripheral communities a digital means to express their opinion. The latest project, which offered participants training in all area’s of the film making process, and which ultimately led to the production of a short film, certainly adhered to this mandate.

The students of the class, most aspiring film makers or citizen journalists from the Liverpool area, where treated to a multi faceted training course with a difference. The difference being that they would not only learn the process theoretically, but simultaneously put it to use; applying the knowledge acquired on the course and making the film for real. Alex Harrison, a local professional film maker, was brought in to teach the weekly classes and supervise the production of the film. From devising a concept to writing the script, to operating cameras and eventually editing the footage, participants had to work together in the creative process, providing an educational and practical learning experience.¬†Every step of the way class attendees had to learn and practice new skills, whilst also negotiating the creative direction of the piece. Multitasking epitomised! The collective also had to agree on locations, actors, filming schedules and various other details which are so crucial to the success of a film’s production. No small feat, I’m sure you would agree.

The film’s narrative is an abstract account of a man’s inner turmoil which unfolds externally on his lunch break from work. The script has an inherently scouse flavour, with many of the quotes interestingly taken from an existing website ‘Overheard in Liverpool‘, which documents all the weird and wonderful words people have heard uttered on the streets of our somewhat indigenous city. How they correlate with the narrative will become apparent when watching the film. ¬†’Another Chat’ is currently receiving its finishing touches in FACT’s editing suite and should be ready for viewing by the end of January, the production only taking an impressive 4 months to come to fruition. Well done ‘tenants’!

The project was a complete success with all members of the group learning new skills to support their existing creative zeal. The project is another example of Tenantspin’s determination to provide members of the public with the access, encouragement and ability to realise their artistic potential.

text by Jon Turton