Digital Story telling travels

tenantspin has been traveling round North Liverpool for some time now developing digital story-telling sessions with our partners Breckfield and North Everton Neighbourhood Council, Anfield, Breckside Community Council and individuals from across the breadth of this diverse and ancient suburb.

The resulting stories have been a rich tapestry of human life and endeavour from the tales of a 94 year old woman, who has lived in the neighbourhood all her life and remembered, amongst many other things, the time she was conscripted to build breach-blocks for sten guns in World War 2 to a scouse miner, a sailor, an evacuee, tales of work, happiness and above all what it has been like to grow up and in some cases grow old in the heart of a suburb so famed for its football connections, cakes, parks and rows of densely packed terraced streets.

You can view some of the stories at the North Liverpool digital story-telling channel on youtube here or have a listen to our audio boo collected voices here collected during the workshops described by Jon Turton in his post above.

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