The end of an era: John ‘Spoons’ McGuirk.

John McGuirk had been a member of tenantspin since 2003. Brought to FACT by his dear friend Dolly Lloyd. He was auditioning to be in a CD tenantspin were putting together and he was really involved with the cities music scene. Alan Dunn, project manager for tenantspin at the time simply remembers him sitting down and playing his spoons to which all where amazed. Spoon playing was a theme with John and this continued over his arts career earning him a place in the hearts of many projects visited across Europe and America and a place with the Philharmonic Orchestra as part of the Liverpool Biennial.

His contribution to the cities arts scene in his nearly 10 year was legendary –and he was 70 when he joined the team at tenantspin.

He was a brilliant presenter, a great speaker, political, sociable and with unbending beliefs. He believed avidly in ghosts and the paranormal and worked on innumerable projects including travelling to Dublin, Copenhagen, New York, Rotterdam and Dresden to represent the project.

His contribution to the tenantspin project was immense and on behalf of all of us who worked with him in FACT, tenantspin and beyond across the arts projects in the city thank you John you are and where one in a million, may you rest in peace.

You can see some of John’s digital stories here:

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