Visiting Dublin and Creating a New Old

tenantspin visited Dublin for the creating a new old conference which took place at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham an amazing ex-army hospital. The conference was supported in part by The Baring Foundation an amazing foundation which fights to improve the conditions of those living with disadvantage through their fund. tenantspin has recently been in receipt of a fund from the Baring Foundation to work across 10 sheltered schemes with our partner Your Housing on projects which seek to enhance the kind of access older people have to technology. The project, Electric Blanket, will work with residents and their scheme managers to create a technology-driven collective artwork, giving participants access to the best digital artists practicing in creative technology based in real situations and which actively allows older people to use the internet and technology to express themselves and also have a practical experience of the valuable resources that wait beyond the www.

Watch this space for updates on the project which will take place over the next year.

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