tenantspin is a ten-year old community media project that has evolved from an arts-led, internet TV channel, to a dynamic community media & arts project and achieved international recognition and acclaim and has helped to inform the development of community interaction across the visual arts sector.

It is managed by FACT, city-wide tenants and Your Housing, a registered Social Landlord who recently merged from being Arena Housing group with Harvest Housing to become Your Housing Group. This unique collaboration enables all parties to explore issues around contemporary ways of living and ways of seeing.

tenantspin is a 12-year old community media programme that has evolved from an arts-led, internet TV channel, to a dynamic community media & arts project.

tenantspin commenced in 1999 as a pilot project. Since then it has grown significantly and is well known for its groundbreaking approach to collaboration. It is a unique project, unique in terms of its funding, its ‘tenant’ collaborators and in terms of the diversity of artists and other organisations it works with.

Editorially, there are 2 strands – WAYS OF SEEING, co-ordinated by FACT and commissioning leading artists, writers and thinkers to develop webcast content collaboratively with the tenants. Arena Housing helps coordinate a WAYS OF LIVING series that explores social and social housing issues such as anti-social behaviour, care, money, smart homes, the paranormal, ethical banking, regeneration, the Welsh Streets, high-rise nightmares, CCTV and healthy eating.

During its life tenantspin has created over 600 hours of Community TV programming which has been seen across the world as well as by the local community in Liverpool. This website will showcase this archive of programmes and document our ongoing work with communities, organisations and individuals in Liverpool and the Northwest.

For a flavor of what we do, please watch our showreel.

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