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Vive la revolution!

Saturday January 12th saw FACT celebrating the opening weekend of Liverpool’s 2008 Capital of Culture year. tenantspin joined in the festivities by collaboratring with international artist Shu-Lea Cheang on a live outdoor scouse inspired debate focusing around the question What Revolution?

From 12 noon until 4.30pm tenants, She-Lea herself and staff from FACT served 450 people free scouse, chilli, bread and pickled vegetables in Ropewalks Square. In exchange people were asked to sit round large red umbrellas (which we had cleverly equipped with microphones) and discuss what revolution meant to them. Some people discussed womens lib, some web 2.0 and some sliced bread but everyone had a slant on this evocative word.

We successfully managed to stream live onto the web and so all conversations have been collected and recorded – watch this space for information about how to get hold of the audio.

For images of the days events please go to