What We Do

tenantspin is a unique project, unique in terms of its funding, its ‘tenant’ collaborators and in terms of the diversity of artists and other organisations it works with.

Initially, tenantspin began working with high rise tenants in Liverpool who had little or no knowledge of media production How things have changed! The team now operates a professional TV studio and records and broadcasts regular live shows. tenantspin has a strong training component – helping the existing community learn new skills and training new people.

tenantspin works with a broad range of artists and organisations and has lead several high profile commissions including projects with Chris Watson, Kim Ryan and Kelly Mark. tenantspin has become known for creating groundbreaking work, and for being an influential force in the careers of many artists.

To underpin the work of tenantspin and commissioned artists, tenantspin has built up high quality production facilities and now offers services in film production. tenanspin has a TV Studio in Sefton Park, Liverpool, and also uses facilities sch as the Media Lab and The Box at FACT.

Find out more about the various aspects of tenantspin including more information on films we’ve made via the links to the right.