Throughout the its history, tenantspin has increasingly worked with artists to expand the existing format in which the tenantspin project, and those collaborating with it, can operate and present work in the public. These collaborations can be short and long term, produce new works or simply generate ideas.

Some of the artists we have worked with include Chris Watson, Foreign Investment, Mike McCartney, Kelly Mark, Maria Stukoff, Mina Langstrom, Bill Drummond, Jayne Casey, Ladytron, Nick Broomfield, Kim Ryan, Alex Cox, Chris Bernard, Katie Lips, and Michelle Wren.

The Bold Street Project is a collaboration between tenantspin, and artists Katie Lips and Michelle Wren. Wren built a three-dimensional collage model of Bold Street through which visual and sound-based content was presented. In her choice of structure she references Bold Street’s incredible history, and her street mimics an early form of visual entertainment called a ‘diorama’.

In parallel, Katie Lips has used widely available online tools to create a virtual framing structure. The expansive blog, into which people may upload their memories or view items of interest, draws material from a wide range of sources.

The Kelly Mark project (a Liverpool Biennial International Commission in 2006) titled “Liverpool A-Z” explored the depth and vitality of the city of Liverpool in a series of 26 films, each fifteen minute in length, focussing on the city’s greatest asset: its people.

Taking a cue from traditional A-Z tourist guides, the Artist navigated the city through different personalities, using first names as a point of entry. Kelly became part of the community, living in the city during the whole production process and filming on site in a local flat.

The project had three points of entry into the public realm. Twice daily instalments were shown on the BBC Big Screen located in Clayton Square, a busy shopping location in central Liverpool. A consistent time slot and familiar visual set up allowed the project to achieve a “soap opera” type feel, with instalments screened for the duration of the Biennial 2006.

In addition to this, a touch screen display was exhibited in FACT’s Media Lounge, with a recreated domestic environment providing the atmosphere. Finally the work was also streamed via the tenantspin website. This multi-faceted output allowed the project a unique opportunity to be consumed by varying audiences in different formats.

The real key to the project was the Artist’s collaboration and journey with 26 Liverpool Residents of varying age, profession, gender and race, providing a real “snap shot” of life within this city.

A supporting publication is also available in the FACT Shop.

In late 2004 sound recordist Chris Watson worked with tenantspin and high-rise tenants on “A Winter’s Tale”, two new audio compositions based on field recordings made in Sefton Park and Liverpool City Centre between the hours of 3.00pm and midnight. Presented for the first time in tandem and in surround-sound, the two 40-minute compositions unfold into a stunning synchronised portrait of human and animal communities in Liverpool.

Chris Watson, a famed sound artist worked with residents of South Liverpool to collect sounds and produce the sound work. The finished work was then presented via a CCTV system to residents of the tower blocks surrounding Sefton Park. Each household could see the park and city clearly from their windows, and A Winters Tale offered them a surround sound day in the life of the views they enjoyed each day.