Top 10 facts

#1 tenantspin is a Liverpool-based community-driven Internet TV project co-managed by FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) and Arena Housing. FACT (founded 1988) is the UK’s leading organisation for commissioning, exhibiting, promoting and supporting artists’ work and innovation in film, video and new media.

#2 tenantspin is a webcasting Channel with live chat-room facility that enables excluded citizens to partake in democratic and cultural processes.

#3 tenantspin content is 50% social housing issues, led by Arena, and 50% artists’ commissions, led by FACT.

#4 tenantspin developed and produced by high-rise social housing residents, the majority of whom are over 50.

#5 tenantspin residents are trained in studio management, production, research and presentation.

#6 tenantspin is a sustainable project emerging from a 6-month pilot in 1999 in Liverpool’s oldest tower block, Coronation Court.

#7 tenantspin was originally created in conjunction with Danish artists’ group Superflex and the Superchannel community.

#8 tenantspin is an online archive of unmediated one-hour cultural and political discussions that in/directly challenge and dismantle/reassemble social exclusion, e-democracy, top-down culture and cross-generational debate.

#9 tenantspin is a project that respects the contribution to be made to tomorrow’s society by those over 50.

#10 tenantspin is a series of collaborations with key cultural figures and institutions.